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The Gas Monster

Little Togo is a baby fox (kit) that has some serious tummy issues. What can he do to make it go away? His forest friends quickly band together to try to find a solution for Togo. 

Our Story

In March of 2020 (yes, terrible timing) my husband and I released our first published book which we wrote and edited together. Illustrations are credited to Abira Das. It is a fully illustrated, 26 page hardcover book. The basic plot is about a little fox who has a bad stomach ache. The moral of the story is that friends and family can help you through any tough situation. Our book is available on and It can also be purchased through our publisher, Mascot Books. I performed a read-aloud of the book during the height of the pandemic so that children could alleviate some of their boredom! The read aloud is available on YouTube. 

Our First Book Signing

In October of 2021 we attended our first book signing! It was so much fun. Some of my co-workers supported us by coming to the event and purchasing books. 

My fellow English teachers and my supervisor
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